There is the ingenuity of photographers and amateurs alike that we much appreciate for developing of this field where 3R Camera Service is so special. These modifications are in most cases unique and only seldom they come in to the shop for few times around.

Some examples of modifications are:

installing various lens mounts on various lenses.
installing various camera mounts on various cameras.
modification of Kodak Retina SLR or Voightlander SLR to accept Kodak Retina SLR
or Voightlander SLR lenses.
installing or modifying large format cameras various backs (graflok, rolfilm, different format, etc.)
modification of Polaroid Pathfinder 110 for 4x5 Polaroid back.
installing flash sync in cameras and shutters that ware not originally provided with.
modifications of surveillance lenses to be able to capture near field and far field simultaneously.
installing turret filters inside lenses.
transforming regular cameras in sequencer surveillance cameras.
installing motion sensors on cameras used for wildlife photofraphy.